Macropped-barrell-prayer-card-picturerk and Susanna, with their youngest daughter Lizzie, recently relocated to Maputo, Mozambique. With their two older children, Jacob and Anna, the Barrells are a family passionate about mission and the gospel.

“Sewing Justice” join together two areas of life in which Susanna and Mark love to get involved. Susanna has a gift for teaching people to sew, developing her own business RickRackSewing in recent years. Mark has a background in law, practicing as a family lawyer in the UK, as well as spending four years with UCLF in Kampala and seven working with the LCF in the UK.

Mission workers with BMS World Mission, their main focus is to support AMAC and CBM  in Mozambique.

This blog provides thoughts (often random) on various topics (again quite random), giving observations on life, justice, sewing, Jesus and just being a family; a family living a normal life, although maybe one that is a little bit different to what normal life used to look like in Suffolk.

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